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A mes pigeons
Each bag from Noodle Alley has a story to tell.
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  • Bags made from a Chinese apron, a French ski sweater, a little boy’s bedspread, bark cloth from the 1950’s, a Japanese robe, a scrap of rug, an Indian table runner.
  • Buttons from Barcelona and London.
  • The receipt came with the fabric. Purchased on August 1, 1958 at Mitchell & Co. in Haverhill, Massachusetts. One and a half yards for 44 cents.
  • Embroidered pieces from Hanoi. Pink lace from Mexico. White lace from Paris. Tiny bells from Yangshuo, China. Big bells from Hong Kong.
  • Fabric that is stamped along the selvage is HAND PRINTED.
  • Bags made for a wedding, a high school graduation, and a reunion with very old friends.
Each bag from Noodle Alley is handmade and one-of-a kind.